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Gruppo Vergero Headquarters


3,000 sqm


Turin, Italy


Competition Entry - Special Mention


Gruppo Vergero


Konstantina Tzemou, Tommaso Bernabò Silorata


Office Building

210323_VER-Site Plan.jpg


The proposal for Gruppo Vergero's new headquarters aims to create a unified campus experience by blending together programmatic uses and the landscape of mobility in order to well position the campus within Turin's local productive fabric.  

Situated within the linear landscape of mobility along the North Ring Road of Turin, the site is characterized by strategic visibility and dynamism. To capitalize on the importance of this location, the campus is organized in a linear, dynamic arrangement that is meant to be experienced both from within and from the Ring Road. Highlighting the role of the Gruppo as a key player in the environmental sector, the proposal incorporates environmental and contextual considerations like sun orientation and the views to the Alpine landscape in order to offer a new workplace experience marked by fluid interior and exterior conditions.


The design of the office building begins by recognizing the Gruppo’s double mission in the fields of agriculture and industry through a symbolic connection between these two fields and the spatial organization of the building. Associating agriculture to nature and industry to the workplace, the design directly reflects the Gruppo’s brand in the space while creating a welcoming interior condition. Through shared amenities, natural light and fluid interior-exterior thresholds, the project allows nature to penetrate the building and organizes the core of office activities around a linear, central atrium. Starting from the entrance lobby and oriented southwest, towards the views to the Alpes, this central atrium becomes a viaduct that extends natural light and a spirit of collaboration throughout the workplace.

In addition, the proposed design departs from traditional models of mono-functional, office space and advances current notions of multi-functionality and flexibility. By injecting shared amenities into the workplace and adapting the space to changing needs and evolving working habits, the office building embraces the innovation that is linked to the Gruppo’s approach and becomes a point of reference for stakeholders and collaborators. 


The strategy for the unification of the Gruppo Vergero Campus along the North Ring Road of Turin is consistent with the recurring theme of the proposal which is production and nature intertwined. The unified image of the Campus is therefore constructed through a proposed, landscaped berm that, building on the existing berm, is further sculptured, designed and enhanced with low-maintenance planting beds. The landscape strategy along the highway, working together with the linearity and axiality of the office building, thus aspires to offer the experience of a dynamic, productive landscape in motion. 

The berm formation apart from creating a unified image, also achieves multi-performance in two ways. On the one hand, the berm forms a natural barrier to noise pollution coming from the ring road, therefore creating a pleasant, natural landscape in the interior of the campus. On the other hand, intending to capitalize on the strategic, branding opportunity along the highway, the berm itself becomes the backbone of a minimal art installation that incorporates and highlights the signage of Gruppo Vergero. 

Carefully sculpturing the berm formation with different high and low points that contain some of the interior operations while revealing the office building to sight, the design proposes a new image for the productive landscape of the Gruppo Vergero headquarters which through its linearity and dynamism is best perceived in motion. 


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